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Quantway Core provides a one-term introductory quantitative reasoning course solution that builds algebraic and quantitative skills and reasoning. It is designed to replace the developmental sequence and can also be used to fulfill high school and technical college program math requirements.


Quantway Core is grounded in quantitative literacy, numeracy skills, proportional reasoning, algebraic reasoning, mathematical modeling, and statistical thinking. These skills and areas of reasoning are promoted, integrated, revisited, and explicitly connected throughout four modules, with a total of 35 lessons. In addition, the course is embedded with Productive Persistence social emotional support routines and activities designed to strengthen students’ self-perceptions as math learners. Included in the downloads area below, and in Quantway Core's digital Courseware, is a set of 27 supplemental lessons (called Fundamentals) that build students’ proficiency in the prerequisite mathematical skills and understanding needed for success in Quantway Core through foundational lessons focused on arithmetic, beginning algebra, and basic numeracy skills.


This course solution is designed as a 3-credit course but can be taught as a 4-credit course.


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