Print Services

Carnegie Math Pathways is pleased to partner with XanEdu to help lower the cost of high-quality mathematics materials. Campus bookstores can use the title, ISBN, and pricing information below to place orders for fall 2024. Individual student purchases can take place via XanEdu's online storefront.
Title ISBN Price Individual Purchase
Statway Pathway (Modules 1-10) v4.1 9798881090289 $50.00 coming soon
Statway College v4.1 9798881090296 $35.00 coming soon
Statway College with Corequisite v4.1 9798881090302 $50.00 coming soon
Quantway Core v3.1 9798881090319 $30.00 coming soon
Quantway College v3.1 9798881090326 $25.00 coming soon
Quantway College with Corequisite v3.1 9798881090333 $35.00 coming soon

Bookstore representatives can send purchase orders to for processing.

Note: Textbook versions 3.0 and 4.0 are bundled with access codes. In fall 2024, these access codes will not work. If you have unsold stock of textbook versions 3.0 and 4.0, please contact for instructions.