Textbooks and Access Codes


For bookstores: Textbooks orders can be placed directly with Kendall Hall Publishing at ordernow@kendallhunt.com. Please note that access codes are not bundled with textbooks. Access code orders can be placed directly with Realizeit (see below). 

Title ISBN Price Individual Purchase
Statway Pathway (Modules 1-10) v4.1 9798881090289 $50 Purchase textbook
Statway College v4.1 9798881090296 $35 Purchase textbook
Statway College with Corequisite v4.1 9798881090302 $50 Purchase textbook
Quantway Core v3.1 9798881090319 $30 Purchase textbook
Quantway College v3.1 9798881090326 $25 Purchase textbook
Quantway College with Corequisite v3.1 9798881090333 $35 Purchase textbook

Realizeit Access Codes

Student licenses for access to Quantway or Statway digital Courseware can be obtained in two ways:
  1. Online student access code purchases: Students have the option to purchase a license online for $39.99 upon launch into the Quantway/Statway digital Courseware. After course enrollment, students will be directed to Realizeit's ecommerce store to purchase access. Alternatively, students can place access code orders on Realizeit's ecommerce store prior to course enrollment, and redeem for full access after course enrollment. Note: Students have ~14 days courtesy access to Quantway/Statway digital Courseware before a license is required.
  2. Bookstores access code orders: Bookstores can place access code orders on Realizeit’s ecommerce store for resale to students. Students can redeem their access code online any time before or after the 14-day courtesy period when they launch into their Quantway/Statway digital Courseware.