Supports For Teaching Quantway and Statway

Image of White female instructor sitting next to a male student helping the student with a question. The instructor and student are making eye contact and the instructor has a supportive, smiling appearance.
We are committed to helping you make the most of these ready-made OER materials by providing instructor resources, training, and ongoing learning opportunities. 

Instructional resources and data analytics to inform your practice

Effective instruction requires having timely information and tools to help you understand and assist your students. We provide you with valuable instructional resources and data to support your practice. 
  • Instructional guides and student support resources provided in our free OER materials enable you to focus less on building a course from scratch and more on engaging with your students.
  • Adaptive analytics tools within the Quantway or Statway digital Courseware give you valuable insight into individual and class performance and progress, allowing you to take action to support your students where they are. Learn more about Quantway or Statway digital Courseware.
  • Publisher-grade print materials are available at low cost to enhance the course experience for students. Learn more about print options.

Training for New Instructors

Quantway and Statway are research-based, ready-made course solutions that have proven effective at helping more students succeed in gateway mathematics. We recognize, however, that the active and collaborative pedagogical approach, focus on students' social and emotional support, and the highly contextualized curriculum differs significantly from the traditional approach. 

To support instructors, we offer a short but robust online training seminar for new instructors designed to fit your schedule and help you feel prepared to teach these courses. 

Led by experienced peer instructors, the training consists of synchronous seminars and asynchronous activities that explore the curricula in-depth and build instructors’ familiarity with the contextualized problem-solving approach, the integration of real-world applications, and the alignment of instructional strategies with student needs. 

To sign up for the next available training or to stay updated on the next training date, visit the New Faculty Training page.